Monday, June 1, 2009

This is Clickable Print: Advertisement for Ricoh Innovation Labs

Imagine you are looking Clickable Print instead of a textbook in K-12.
The subject at hand is the Ricoh Innovation Lab.
The teacher comes into class and hands you one piece of paper.

Step one - the words on paper:
from iCandy - Nerd Stalker #35:
"iCandy (beta) is a free application that makes it easy to access and share your digital world offline. Through the power of QR codes, iCandy connects iTunes or websites to printed iCandy links that you can share in person. Use a webcam to scan your iCandy link and your computer launches the song or website instantly.

iCandy helps you:

* Put digital music and the web in your hands for in-person sharing (parties, family get-togethers, conferences)
* Skip the hassle of typing in a website—just scan in the iCandy link and you’re there
* Simply navigate your iTunes library—great for little kids!
* Connect with friends and customers through a memorable, easy-to-use medium—ever accessed a website by scanning a coffee cup before?
* Make it easier for clients to access your company website—just scan in the iCandy link on your business card
* And lots, lots more!"
Step two - point your camera at the QR code that would be here.

Step three - Watch this video on your cellphone.

The homework assignment:

In a 500 word essay or 60 second video, please explain why wouldn't everyone do this.

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