Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Consolidated Graphics is ready to Printernet Publish, Today!

Maybe Donnelly could do something similar. But I figure they are too busy being busy at the top of the pryamid to notice a little blog like this. AlphaGraphics and Sir Speedy and maybe Fedex of Staples will one day be able to do it someday. But Internet time is today. Everything else is Corporate Time. CGX is ready today. If they can get the Clickable Print part before anyone else, my IRA will be very happy.

Go Indigo! HP, c'mon spin off the Print piece.

At any rate, I got a comment at a previous post from Sally Hiller at CGX.

We love this:"Space and time disappear as a limiting factor on distribution of print product." CGX how has the largest integrated digital print network in the world. With digital hubs and locations around the globe - this company is leading the way.

Sally Hiler
Recruiting Manager
Consolidated Graphics

Then I said,
Yup. It's one of the reasons I recently became a shareholder. Maybe one of your top salespeople or VP of sales wants to get in touch with the Obama administration or Google or It's about information rich QR codes as part of the print product. I'm calling it Clickable Print Printernet Published.

Go, go, go... I'm depending on you to enhance this shareholder's value.

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  1. dr. droock -
    Great blog! I randomly came across it and found it very interesting and insightful. And as a CGX employee, I must say: Thank you for your contributions! Feel free to check out my blog of the daily going-ons at Bridgetown Printing, a Portland, Oregon CGX company. All the best!

    -Kyle Richardson