Monday, June 1, 2009

Oops! Clickable Print could save this account! "Big 10 Makes Big Printing Cuts"

$700,000 of printing was eliminated at a meeting. see snippet

If those were my accounts, I would try to get them to use clickable print. A one page 14 by 20 poster with the schedules. A QR code for each team. One click and the almunus gets an awesome video of the highlights of last week's game.

Step one: schedule of games
Step two: QR code
Step three: Watch the video on your cell phone:

Week after week. The schedule sits quietly on the refrigerator. The alumni watches the highlights on his cell phone while he is getting the sandwich and going back to the living room to watch more TV.

Plus the University gets the data about which alumni looked when. It gives them process metrics on that alumni. Which teams he follows. So that when appropriate, he can get just the right follow up mailing and special offering can get into his mail box.

Big 10 Makes Big Printing Cuts -
@Graphic Arts Online: "Three Big 10 universities are halting the printing of athletic team media guides to cut costs. Ohio State, University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin said they will pursue alternative communications channels, such as social networking.

At last month’s Big Ten meetings in Chicago, schools in the conference voted unanimously to get rid of the printed guides. The combined estimated savings to all three schools is about $700,000; the number of guides at each school depends on the number sports teams."

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