Friday, June 5, 2009

Hey Google: Eureka! Free textbooks and versioned newspapers for K -12 in the States

The trick is ad supported textbooks. The other trick is that the ads are in the service of public health and citizenship.

The third trick is that sometimes they are books, sometimes newspapers, sometimes posters and sometimes a deck of cards. Whatever form they take, they are just the right information, in just the right form at just the right time. + Printernet + CodeZ QR + + Clickable Print

To make the equation work
Bookboon = putting advertising into PDF and delivering in many languages.
Printernet = printing and delivering at arbitrarily mass scales in real time.
CodeZ = producing variable information rich QR codes at scale.
Navify = connecting web content to YouTube videos.
Clickable Print = connecting print to personal TV and the web.

Hints: Big cellphones are tablet computers. Navify could be used by newspapers in their local communities. Print and TV are mass media. The internet is for talking and buying stuff.

The reason this fixes high school education
The deep issue for education is "one-size-fits-all" organization of time and space. Learning only happens with focus. Management only happens with real time interaction metrics. All the rest is blablabla.

C'mon people. My IRA just can't wait!
Can you just imagine the buzz among the "analysts" when they figure out that Print is going to change education. I'm thinking someone might create a Print Portfolio investment fund and when Bloomberg talks about HP it will be for the print part, not the computer part.

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