Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quincy Allen + Vertis could help fix high school education and enter new markets for Vertis

Clickable Print connects Print to the Web.

FSI's and shoppers are a proven mass media. Every bottom of the pyramid high school kid will be happy to browse a shopper. Every kid in BOT High School loves cell phones and every school now has computers.

The key is cell phones and information rich QR codes created at production speed from COPI.

If you change the supermarket stuff to links to, economics, history, public affairs and wikipedia then FSIs and Printernet Published leaflets and newsletters could replace textbooks.

If they were supported by clickable ads for public health and governance, there are two revenue streams and eventually they could be available for every high school in the States for free.

If you take the click, imagine that there were less copy and the design was in the vernacular visual language of an FSI.

President Obama's Speech in Cairo

If anyone is interested, I would be glad to volunteer to manage a proof of concept project at no cost as long as it's ok to do it online so I don't have to disrupt my life or leave the kitchen table. Face time is whatever the traffic will bear.

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