Thursday, June 4, 2009

Personal televison on cell phones. It may be a sleeper now, but . . .

It's why variable QR codes is Print's next big thing.

MediaPost Publications Dumb Is As Dumb Does 06/04/2009:
"'We're up 300% in the last 12 months,' says Patrick Mork, vice president of marketing at GetJar, an off-deck portal for downloadable applications.

'We do about 1 million downloads a day.'

Sixty percent of the GetJar catalog are Java-based apps like IM and email clients, browsers like Opera and games. 'There is no doubt that iPhone, Ovi and a lot of these initiatives are raising awareness of apps in general,' says Mork. While 30% to 35% of GetJar traffic comes from smart phones, the rest are using a wide range of handsets from around the world."

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