Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama in Cairo: Another opportunity for Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing

Clickable print = information rich variable QR codes.

Printernet publishing means that the message of Peace could be in every school child's hands on Friday morning. You can see how it might work at Clickable Print.

Go CGX ! RRD is too busy trying to buy Quebecor. But once they get this on their radar, there are going to be two people at the table instead of one. Get in touch with Google. (I tried Bing yesterday. It was quite good.) Plus Google has all the videos at YouTube. (You don't have to download Acrobat Flash Player 9 to view them.) Plus Google has been trying to crack the Print Advertising piece. Plus Google is also trying to figure out education and non profit organizations.

Clickable Print + Printernet Publishing should be a no brainer.

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