Wednesday, June 3, 2009

HP/Compaq: How do you plan to compete with this?

If only HP would spin off the Print piece ....
Lenovo Digs Deep in China to Find New Customers - @AdAgeChina - News:
"The Beijing-based computer company has partnered with third-party film exhibition crews to select and present feature films in over 3,000 villages and small towns in 31 provinces and regions across China, usually at no charge to the audience.

The film program, which will run from June to December 2009, is part of a government-aided initiative 'to amplify the entertainment and leisure life of [the] rural population,' said Anthony Feng, a company spokesman in Beijing. Lenovo's sponsorship is less about altruism, however, than a desire 'to get closer to rural customers, passing messages about the Lenovo brand and its products.'"

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