Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The printernet in 2006

There are no new ideas. But being too early has the same consequences as being too late.

During the era, I co founded a start up called We enabled student publishing with what was state of the art technology in 1998. During our two years, we produced 5 x 7 paperback books -"real books" - for more than 2500 English teachers in "classroom packs" of 30 copies each.

Our burned through $1.5 million. Our educational partners were Great Source, a division of Houghton Mifflen and J.L Hammett Co. The crashed wiped us out.

What's different today is variable QR codes. As Mosaic was to the internet, so variable QR codes will be to the printernet. But these days, I'm just a retired printer/ blogger, so what do I know.

I hope Richard Swift is still in the game.


Welcome to the birth of The Printernet - The first day of Ipex 2006
Today it is a baby, just a few key domain names, this one-page website and a development plan.
Come back in a month and it will be growing.
Come back in a year and it will have grown a lot. Worldwide in fact.
The Printernet will enable work ordered in London, for a sales office in Hong Kong, to be printed and delivered by a local network member.

The Printernet will bring new business to Printers round the world.

Please contact Richard Swift in London

+44 208 788 5370

Cell +44 7940 577458

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