Friday, June 5, 2009

Gordon Brown needs the Printernet today. And clickable Print as soon as possible.

Here's a sample of what I mean.

Political moments are about time and scale, not price. No one printer can get to the correct scale within the time allowed.

The printernet could deliver 10,000,000 leaflets pretty much in the form of this Clickable Print sometime tomorrow, with a minimal carbon footprint. It would also get lots clicks and impressions into a printing industry that is fighting for it's survival.

The trick is to send bundles to every Labour MP that is fighting for his electoral life.

Based on what I've seen, my bet is that Xerox (UK) is going to get there first. But you never know about the Oce DNN hub in London. Or it could be the Color Company in London. Or the other franchises throughout the UK. Maybe Consolidated has enough presence in the UK. Does InfoPrint have a presence in London?

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