Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Apple 3G iPhone is not about the web. It's about TV, Movies and Music. Clickable Print connects print to TV.

There are three mass media: Print, TV and Radio. Everything else is niche market media. The "analysts" predicted Apple would sell about 600,000 in the first couple of days. They sold over a million. The iPhone is personal TV. Everyone loves TV.

Someone should talk to Apple about Clickable Postcards. 50,000,000 cards the day after tomorrow handed out wherever kids gather. With a minimal carbon footprint.

The front of the card would have the Apple logo and some beautiful typography that might say, "Watch John Stewart when You have the time." The back of the card would have a TinyUrl and a 2d code.

Click the Print. Watch TV.

Look at these commercials and you'll see what I'm trying to say.

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