Thursday, June 25, 2009

Read for free. Pay for Print. Springer tested it out. It seems to work.

This might clarify the new opportunity for Print to replace textbooks. E books = wikis. Paper books on demand = stuff you can share. Add a highlighter and it remains the best learning tool on the planet.

The Digital Nirvana
Springer launches Platform to Print eBooks on-demand:
"Springer Science Business Media the publisher of science, technology and medicine books, manuals and journals has announced its eBook catalog is now available in print at participating libraries in North America that have have purchased Springer eBook Collection. According to the company, “All registered library patrons will be able to order a softcover copy of a Springer eBook for their personal use the Springer platform” The books format is perfect bound with a color cover and monochrome interior.

“We tested and evaluated market acceptance. The test phase was a complete success, as the libraries and their patrons confirmed,” said Dr. Olaf Ernst, President of eProduct Management & Innovation at Springer."

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