Monday, June 22, 2009

HPs Super Duper Secret Printer announcement. Search the web, print it out.

Going from web content to printed content is a good idea. But it's not a new idea. The problem is consumer printers are a very low margin business. Toner is a very competitive and therefore low margin business. How exactly this helps HP in the computer space is not easy for me to figure out.

I guess if they do this for an MFP in a workgroup with a beautiful interface that could help in MPS.

Now printing out wikipedia and educational supplements as easy as printing from an iPhone should be a better margin business. But for now, HP has bragging rights. Bragging rights are better in stickball than in global business. But hey, they don't hurt.

I tried to get to the live stream at Current TV. I'll wait for the press release. So much easier to think about stuff when the type sits still. The demo is below. Looks pretty cool, but wireless printing is around and most everybody has it. I guess the big deal is doing it at home and seamless. And then there is something about having a developer community to do printer apps. That could be cool.

But nothing about connecting to Indigos. As far as I can tell, when HP says printer for the mass market, they mean the thing that sits on the desktop. Nice, but . . . .

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