Sunday, June 21, 2009

Xerox Advertising Agency: Talk to the suits, they just don't get it.

Back on January 26, I did some blabla about the Xerox YouTube channel. At the time I said,
Find the 5 most creative people at our agency. Get them to do some very cool 2 minute videos about Xerox, Xeroids, PARC, Dubai, Rochester, MFPs, Igens, etc.etc.
On May 20th, you posted a cool video. As of this morning, it got 40,793 views. Given that there are no new ideas, I assume this has been kicking around the agency for months before January 26. My best guess is that finally someone got someone in Stamford or Rochester to lighten up.

Just in case Clickable Postcards are not yet on your radar . . .
It's drop dead easy. Front of this card is
The very information meant to inform us is actually making us STUPID! It's affecting millions of business people. Is IOS affecting you?"
Back of the card is a tinyUrl + a QR code and a tag line with the local printers web site address. Marketing material for the printer + building the brand for corporate.

If it takes too long to get the suits to schedule a meeting . . .
call Printable Click New York.

They'll produce a couple of million postcards, get them distributed all over the country in a couple of days. If you give them the list of premier Partners, they'll do the personalization and drop ship.

Of course it would be a lot cheaper and easier to printernet publish (distribute and print.) But while they sort that out, Clickable Print New York could get the postcards on the street the day after you post the video at YouTube.

I can't see how a couple of million postcards doesn't get 40,793 views to at least a couple of hundreds of thousand. With the videos I know you can do, I can't see any reason why you couldn't get up to a couple of million. If you put up some of the awesome 30 second spots you've done over the years, it should be easy.

If you need to see a sample done by this non designer, I posted one called Help Xerox Video Go Viral..

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