Saturday, June 27, 2009

Infoprint: Talk to IBM, they don't get either Print or Public Education.

During the days, the founder of the company said to me "Never underestimate the technologists blindness to the value of Print." When it's compounded by top of the pyramid dna, they are missing perhaps the biggest market of all.

Below is brilliant IBM 8+ minute video. But, they don't say one word about public high school education. And with all the talk about the physical world talking to the cloud, they never say the word paper.

It would be very cool if the R&D smart people at Fuji, Xerox Parc, HP, and Oce could take advantage of the blind spot. Most likely it will be a start up or Google/Yahoo/Microsoft or NBC or Rupert Murdoch. My personal bet is Google.

And then everyone will wring their hands and say " Nobody could have predicted blablabla.

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