Monday, June 22, 2009

Crispin gets awards. Awards are nice. Market Share is better.

Perhaps Crispin should learn about printernet publishing and clickable print. They produce amazing videos. They are probably all over viral marketing. What they don't know is that Print connected to the videos on YouTube could help.

The printernet means 50,000,000 million postcards produced and delivered over night. Call CGX, they can probably do it today. My bet is that Scott Dunn, in Boston, could help you out.

Call RRD, but don't wait for the return call. RRD seems focused on buying stuff, instead of making stuff.

Consider the clickable print for a contest.
Click with your mobile. Find out if you won a free Hambuger whil you are waiting on line. Then consider how the kids love their cell phones. Then consider that if BK is cool, they can get kids to go to BK.

Meanwhile, BK has to do it better than McDonald's on the ground. But that's not Crispin's job. That's BK's job. Everybody has to do their jobs to get it right.

Crispin's BK Work Doesn't Help Gain On McD's -
Advertising Age - News:
"There was no shortage of material. In five years, Crispin's creativity had energized a once-moribund brand with memorable, often groundbreaking work that helped BK recapture the No. 2 spot among burger chains briefly ceded to Wendy's. In the process, the partners had made each other famous within the industry, winning virtually every major award, including a Grand Effie earlier this month. The collaboration has drawn comparisons to some of the most celebrated agency-client partnerships in contemporary advertising.

But there was one fact unmentioned in Mr. Klein's glass-raising: For all Burger King's marketing triumphs, it has lost -- and continues to lose -- ground to its largest and most significant rival, McDonald's. 'Burger King is viewed as a tougher competitor now' than it was five years ago, said Ron Paul, president of Technomic, a food-industry research and consulting firm. 'But it is chasing a runaway train.'"

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