Friday, June 26, 2009

Need some marketing material to stay top of mind of your customers?

The problem is that printing is not sold, it is bought. The trick is to be top of mind when the print purchasing event is about to happen. The other problem is the people only care about printing when they get close to the printing event. But they all probably care about making a better world.

Add a QR code or TinyUrl and you connect Print to TV. That's a big deal. Printernet Publish and you can put a couple of million flyers or postcards on the street in a couple of days. Show them what you've done. Don't tell them what you will do.

I'm thinking the PR people and designers will start tweeting about it. The brand value created could be amazing. The stock price will probably go up. And everyone in the network gets practice in being a printernet on the ground. Consider it a beta test to get it all right. Then go sell it to politicians and the federal government.

The copy | About

The President has said that the challenges America faces are unprecedented, and that we need to build a new foundation for economic growth in America. The Administration has begun this work with dramatic new investments in education, health care and clean energy, but we cannot do this alone here in Washington. Economic recovery is as much about what you're doing in your communities as what we're doing in Washington – and it’s going to take all of us, working together. is your online resource for not only finding volunteer opportunities in your community, but also creating your own. Use to help you do your part. America’s foundation will be built one community at a time – and it starts with you. is managed by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

United We Serve

"United We Serve" is a nationwide service initiative that will help meet growing social needs resulting from the economic downturn. With the knowledge that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things when given the proper tools, President Obama is asking us to come together to help lay a new foundation for growth. This initiative aims to both expand the impact of existing organizations by engaging new volunteers in their work and encourage volunteers to develop their own "do-it-yourself" projects. United We Serve is an initial 81 days of service but will grow into a sustained, collaborative and focused effort to promote service as a way of life for all Americans.

What can you do?

The Video
Or probably a lot more effective, this one from Michelle.

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