Monday, June 22, 2009

The Association of Retired Xerox Employees might consider printernet publishing some clickable postcards.

It was seeing a letter that was quickly deleted from a Xerox company blog about exactly this issue that got me into blogging on January 1, 2009. The post is titled, This isn't the right thing to do. Today, over a 1000 posts later, I discovered ARXE at the end of an article in today's Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Go ARXE ! Xerox, it is now time to focus on this and get it fixed.
The Association of Retired Xerox Employees:
"Buy our ARXE approved merchandise and show your feelings about Xerox senior leadership and their unreasonable behavior toward you. You contributed to the long term success of the company and now that you have retired, your benefits that were a promise made over your career at the company are being arbitrarily put at risk.

Become part of an Association of Retired Xerox Employees ongoing nationwide protest of our company’s unjustified elimination of financial support to Flex plan retirees age 65 beginning 2010. Tell the world that Xerox is no longer a great company with high integrity, and is being led by a self serving management team that has little consideration for its employees, past and present."

The front of the postcard:

Pick one:


The Back of the Postcard

A tinyUrl or QR code to some really funny, but get-the-message-across, videos at YouTube. Think John Stewart, not Walter Cronkite. Until someone makes the video, then

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