Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wikipedia Adding Video: One more piece in place for clickable print.

Wikipedia getting video! Oh boy.
//from Current TV:
"Wikipedia, the free web-based encyclopedia used worldwide, will be adding video to their online repository in a matter of months. When the new system launches, you'll find a new button labeled 'Add Media' on Wikipedia articles. Upon clicking this, you'll be prompted to search through three online repositories for relevant videos which can be added to the article. You can even select particular portions of the video instead of embedding the entire clip.

According to news breaking at Technology Review, this video upgrade will be made available within two to three months. At launch time, Wikipedia will provide access to the following online video repositories: the Internet Archive, which contains 200,000 videos, Wikimedia Commons, a resource maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation, creators of Wikipedia, and Metavid, a source for Congressional hearings and speeches."

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