Monday, June 22, 2009

My speculation about #HPReveal

As usual, I found some interesting info at Jim Lyons Observations: It seems that HP is having a big deal live streaming PR event today at 12:00 EDT.

Mystery printing announcement from HP #HPReveal:
"It all started with a tweet Thursday evening, from the 'HP_IPG' (that's the 'real' Imaging and Printing Group's Twitter name), simply stating 'Something is brewing around here...'. Now the mystery is filling in, with more tweets from HP and Porter Novelli account holders, all with a little speculation from industry pundits."

My speculation is that HP will release a line of netbooks/laptops with Android as the OS and it will have a print button that goes seamlessly to HP Printers. I'm hoping, but not expecting, that HP Printers will include commercial printers who are running Indigos.

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  1. Very interesting. This is not a new concept, but could be more significant than ever by allowing this capability to all of HP's clients.

    This is similar to the Mimeo model, but the user has to download their software, and their focus is mostly B2B. (my understanding)

    Very very interesting. I hope HP will team up with their largest digital client in the world.