Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Personal TV at home from Vodafone

The issue is not to connect Print to the Web. The issue is to connect Print to TV. The Web is cool, but nobody loves the Web. Everybody loves TV. Everybody loves Print.

Just one example, still photographs and treasured books are Print.

Mobile Marketing Magazine:
Vodafone Launches Femtocell, But Calls it Something Else:
"Vodafone has launched the Vodafone Access Gateway service, designed to improve reception indoors for Vodafone customers. It’s a femtocell by any other name, but in a show of outstanding common sense, Vodafone has chosen to avoid using that term, which means nothing to most people outside the femtocell business.

Available online and in store from 1 July, the Vodafone Access Gateway service takes the form of small box, similar in size to a router, that plugs into any home broadband line to bring customers improved and more reliable 3G coverage indoors."

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