Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another business wire re post...

New NineSigma White Paper: Defining Success in Open Innovation - MSNBC Wire Services -
"CLEVELAND, OH - blablablabla white paper blablablablabla NineSigma blablablabalbla 'Defining Success in Open Innovation,' blablabalbla measurable, accumulative benefits blablablablablab proactively engaging blablablabal global innovation blablabalbal are innovation leaders blablablablabla Schlumberger, Sealed Air Corporation and Xerox."
Or the way someone at Business Wire wrote in the first place:

"CLEVELAND, OH - A new white paper released today by NineSigma addresses the often debated question of how to define success in open innovation. The white paper, 'Defining Success in Open Innovation,' discusses several measurable, accumulative benefits that companies can achieve from proactively engaging with the global innovation community. Included in the paper are examples from NineSigma's customers that are extracting value from their open innovation initiatives beyond bottom-line benefits. Featured are innovation leaders Schlumberger, Sealed Air Corporation and Xerox."

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