Thursday, January 29, 2009

Even the WSJ can't get it right

Tech Industry CEOs Back Obama's Rescue Package -
"Ten of the 13 executives run companies that would broadly be considered from the technology industry."
Ok, at least they put us in the technology industry. But, what does anyone mean by technology. Technology is a tool. Do we make tools? Well. yes we do. but don't a lot of people make tools? Doesn't Home Depot sell a lot of tools?

Check out the headline. "Rescue" is so much more dramatic than crisis management and re investment strategy. And the Journal is supposed to be serving the really smart, thinking people. Give me a break!

Meanwhile from the "news" article following the headline:

blablablabla $819 billion package of blablablablaspending and blablablablaba that the plan is too costly. blablabalblabla Corporate America blablablablabla is desperate blablablablabla slumping sales blablablabla burst of spending from blablablablabla...

blablablablabla the situation is dire," said blablablab blablablabla "incredible fear."

Good smart people, so trapped by their legacy bubble, they use words to "attract" eyeballs. They still can't figure out that it doesn't work any more. But what is the old saw about neurotics? doing the same thing and expecting different results.

So they've decided it's the End of Print. Or the Internet. Or too much debt.

We can do better than this. Most literate college kids could do better than this. In much less time. With a lot less energy. Just forget about eyeballs and concentrate on the telling the story to real people.

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