Monday, January 26, 2009

My favorite phrase in the Q4 Conference Call

. . . we’re not having litigation in ’09.
Wonder what the plan is for all the money we've been spending for lawyers? Given that the old idea of protecting the brand through IP and litigation makes no sense in a Google-Mart world, what is the plan for the excess capacity?

Perhaps they would like to lead an employee transition program?
read at Connecticut Law Tribune:
Conn. firms to get piece of $120 million from securities case settlement


The final touches had been placed on one of the top securities fraud settlements in American history, but there was still one major bone of contention—how much would the plaintiffs’ attorneys receive?

That issue was settled on Jan. 14 by Judge Alvin W. Thompson in the U.S. District Court in Hartford when he awarded $120 million in attorneys’ fees, plus $3.3 million in costs, in Carlson v. Xerox.

The fees and costs are part of a $750 million settlement that Xerox, the Norwalk-based digital printer and document management company, agreed to pay to investors while facing allegations that the. . .
Note to PR: "digital printer" . Somebody should give these people a phone call. Don't bother with an email, they'll ignore it. Or someone could hand deliver a Print document. It will stay on their desk, but I bet they get it right the next time.

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