Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Watch this very closely Re Kodak

From a discussion at PrintCeoBlog.com..
Completely agree with you. “Education” is a huge sales expense. We have partnered with Kodak to offer their Unified Worklfow as an On-Demand model. We are really pushing with Kodak the idea of SaaS as a POC since education is such a huge expense for sales in any software company

Follow this link to see what it's all about.
Disruptive innovation usually comes from outside big outfits. Nobody's fault. It's just that in a big outfit job one is to serve existing customers. Outsiders are not shackled with that obligation and don't have a legacy to protect.

But it seems that Centripetal has gotten Kodak's attention. Centripetal has it right.This is the way to scale distribute and print. My bet is that it could evolve into a Cloud based production infrastructure that will feed clicks all over the planet. It would probably be a good idea to buy, partner or grow this functionality for Xerox. Or at minimum make sure it connects with us as seamlessly as it probably will connect with Kodak.

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