Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Patents are like Pulitzers. Great but . . .

Sam Zell is reputed to have said something like "You can't take a Pultizer to the bank." Academy Awards however do lead directly to box office the next weekend. That's why entertainment can be a great business. Mostly you lose, sometimes you win big. But at least every day you know how you're doing.

Just curious, how are we doing with the erasable paper? I'm thinking it will be boffo at the box office.

Meanwhile, in Norwalk, Conn, they think we are "a developer and manufacturer of office products and services" They're pretty close by to corporate. Maybe someone should pay them a visit, or at least make a phone call.
From The Advocate in Norwalk Conn.
"Xerox Corp., Norwalk-based developer and manufacturer of office products and services, closed last year earning more than 230 industry awards, an increase of more than 20 percent over the previous year. Industry publications and independent testing and research firms around the world recognized Xerox office products and services for attributes including image quality, performance and technical innovation."
Also, Anyone have any reactions to
Yesterday, Xerox=Copy. Today, Xerox=Copy+Scan+Print
Google it. Find it. Xerox it. Anywhere.
Please feel free to comment as anon.

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