Saturday, January 31, 2009

Consolidate Government - Lower Taxes

@ turning the tide upstate:
"We’ve discussed the pros and cons of government consolidation on RT before. Pros would be potentially lower cost of government (and taxes), cons would be potentially less responsiveness to your local needs.

Tom Golisano gave a speech recently to the Rochester Rotary Club where he pushed for consolidation:

Golisano, in his talk, said one first step has to be merging some local government bodies as proof there can be tax savings as a result. “I don’t understand why we need a village manager and village government in the"
I'm thinking that this is a problem we can help solve. Instead of going through the fight of consolidating political domains, why not focus on consolidating the information and the output. Info management without a Print output will not work for government. It is doomed to be a niche market with enormous scaling costs. With Print output, adoption can be quick, scaling can evolve naturally.

It's a natural for a team: MFP's from Gobal Imaging, MPS from XGS, large scale output from PGS partners.

C'mon everyone. Cancel some meetings. Stop answering your emails. Cancel some trips. Figure out how to get the team together. If you can't do it for yourselves, think of my 401K.

If we do it in Rochester first, you have the team in place, the locals will love it, we can use the Hatch Center to test it, we have Igen partners to scale it. Plus no traveling. No education. No marketing. If it works in Rochester, why wouldn't it work wherever government is broken and too expensive. That's a nice organic growth market. Even Wall Street might be able to understand it.

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