Friday, January 30, 2009

Print Takes Over the Web in Second Life

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"Today, in the online universe of Second Life, the island of Printalution was born. Printalution is an effort of the Graphic Communications community to create a place in Second Life where people can come to learn about the print communications industry.

On the island of Printalution, interested 'Gen Yers' (that's the targeted demographic, at least) can see introductions to the phases of printing, take print training seminars, and communicate with industry experts.

Printalution may even turn out to be a major green resource for the community, as education seminars can now be held in virtual reality rather than resource-intensive brick-and-mortar venues."
Sooner or later it's going to become mainstream that Print is the Next Big Thing.

At any rate, the blog referenced above is The tag line says, they are the lowest cost full color printer in the Nation.

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