Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here comes internet TV with a gezillion channels.

The last mile is PC to TV. What do you think? My bet is 3rd quarter and then mainstream. Meanwhile, the great "How is Google going to monetize YouTube" question looks like "become a TV network and sell advertising." That seems like a good business model.

If we could sell toner and paper with their cost of sales, it would be a lot easier for me to get a good dividend while we all wait for the "Market" to come back to the real world.

At any rate, how about we do the Xerox YouTube channel and be ahead of the curve? Maybe we could use the channel to sell E-Paper directly from the web. No channels. Very quick. It's a nice way to scale before someone else does. Plus it would probably help drive SG&A down to the WalMart metric of 16+%. Maybe we could hire some recently excessed to manage it or produce the ads. Comp them based on clicks.

Or maybe some of our recently excessed could do it themselves. Or maybe some of the great creatives in our network could do it. Then sell it to us for a gezillion dollars.
read at MediaPost
"The NBC/News Corp. Hulu video site will get one of the biggest marketing platforms ever for the Internet video site: this Sunday's Super Bowl to add on NBC.

The company issued a press release announcing the media buy.

Analysts note that the Super Bowl has had a price tag of $3 million for a 30-second spot, although the price tag has dropped in recent days, according to reports."

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