Thursday, January 29, 2009

A trade version of "news" speak.

view more blablabla at SYS-CON AUSTRALIA:
"DocuSign, the industry leading provider of on-demand electronic signature and electronic contract execution solutions, today announced its new DocuSign Professional Edition and DocuSign Corporate Edition are available now at The new product and support offerings were designed specifically to create a scalable cost-effective on-demand solution for businesses of all sizes to replace the expensive and inefficient process of transporting, signing, tracking, storing contracts and capturing business data."
When it came up in RSS, I thought it was our company. But,as I read through. "Xerox" showed up with HP in
According to Xerox research, businesses print more than 18 trillion pieces of paper each year and HP predicts that by 2010, 53 trillion pages will be printed worldwide.

Buried in the blablabla these folks have the right business model. SaaS functionality. Different price points for different service levels.

Blablabla= scalable, leading provider of blablablaba.scalable cost-effective on-demand solution for businesses of all sizes to blablablablaba the expensive and inefficient process of blablabla. precise management of complex workflows blablablabla.dramatically reduces NIGO (“not in good order”) rates, enables enterprises to complete more blablablabla accelerates the speed of business blablabla Given this tough economic climate, corporations are moving to blablablabla business processes and adopt proven software-as-a-service offerings that deliver immediate business benefits,

I could go on but the post is already too long. At least they didn't say ROI or transpromo or VDP.


  1. Hey, we really like our "blablabla" :)

    Thanks for the mention and boiling it down to the essentials, that DocuSign wants to help our customers save money and do business faster.

    As far as not mentioning ROI, transpromo or VDP - I apologize for that lapse. I promise it will never happen again. ;)


  2. No problem. We are all trying to learn to speak in real language. It's always a problem when talking to formal organizations. The thing is that "organizations" were a useful construct in the days of information scarcity. Now we can talk directly to people.

    Meanwhile, if you could post in the comments, either a link or some words that might help us figure out if this is a tool that can link to our infrastructure that would be cool.

  3. True.
    The DocuSign Platform can be integrated with through our integration capabilities packaged as DocuSign Connect.
    Feel free to reach out to me if you have a specific question.