Wednesday, January 28, 2009

President Obama Woos Fat Cat CEOs

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"In the White House's Roosevelt Room Wednesday morning, President Obama met with more than a dozen CEOs of companies ranging from Aetna to Xerox to discuss the economy and the stimulus package being voted upon in the House of Representatives."
Give me a break. Fat cat Ceo's, indeed. Now there's a pretty helpful way to frame the public discourse. Or is it a pretty helpful way to attract eyeballs?

And they wonder why the "news" business model is broken. it must be the internet's fault. (The rest of the story is about as helpful and chock full of info as the lede.)

Dear PR department: Since the news media is so lame, why not get Anne to get together with Eric Schmidt to tell us in real words what happened at the meeting. Then we could even Google it. Find it. Xerox it. Anywhere. and move it to all the commercial printers in our network. They send it out to all there customers.

The only thing this is it has to be done today. It loses about 80% of it's value the day after tmw.It's still ok next week, but the cool factor disappears.

Now that's business development I can believe in.

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