Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Xerox Offers Nuanced Assessment of BRIC Economies

read at Seeking Alpha
"Xerox (XRX) was buffeted this quarter by forex headwinds and by a dramatic decline in revenues from developing markets. Revenues fell 14% in those markets, versus growth of 17% during Q1-308.

The company offers a more nuanced assessment of the BRIC countries on its Q408 conference call: (XRX)

As we look at the BRIC countries, the biggest impact to Xerox would be Brazil and Russia where we have sizeable high growth businesses. India is a relatively small business for us so although conditions there certainly are not great, I wouldn’t say it’s had a dramatic impact overall. As you know China, we only see either the risk or the benefit through our equity relationship with Fuji Xerox."

So if I can get a better insight on what is happening in Brazil from reading the conference call, what exactly is the value add of a newspaper? addition to Xerox TV on YuTube, how about the Xerox News Network. We can partner with Google. Then Google it. Find it. Print it. Anywhere. And the distribution points are the Xerox Global Output Network.

The education business and the news business are in deep disarray. We have the skill, the social network and the output network to enter those spaces while we're waiting for commercial print to straighten out.

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