Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life After Xerox

read at Graphic Arts Online:
"Before joining Kaye-Smith, Hartley was the Solutions Development Manager in the Advanced Solutions Group at Xerox Corporation, where she was responsible for the workflow and business development strategies for the commercial print marketplace. Prior to that, she was the Product Marketing Manager for North American Agent Operations at Xerox, where she was responsible for all marketing and field deployment activities for the division, including business strategy, marketing communications, sales force and specialist training and integration strategies related to the color digital print business."

I have to believe that with a little help from the Company, most employees would invent a good way to earn a living. Doesn't really need a lot of money. Just some focus.

Plus consider the "brand" building by scattering 3000 Xeroids into the communication ecology. We could probably cut the advertising budget in half. So instead of spending $375 million to excess 3,000 people, we spend $10 million and create our own loyal fan base.

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