Wednesday, January 28, 2009

iGen4 sales push struggling Xerox Q4 results

Is that headline correct?

read at
"However, revenues from the sale of colour production presses such as the iGen4 and the 700 were up 4%. I keep looking for PR releases of Igen 4 installs and have only found 1 so far.
I keep scanning for PR releases about Igen4 installs. So far I've seen one in the states and maybe 1 or 2 in Europe. I might have missed some, but . . .
So is it the 700 or the Igen4? Meanwhile, nice work at up 4% in this environment.
Post sales revenues were down 8% for the quarter, with supplies, paper and other sales of $850m down 11% year on year.
That's normal for an infrastructure revenue stream. We should probably focus on that to make it faster and easier to sell our infrastructure products.
Xerox Global Services also revealed full year growth of 3%, bringing in $3.5bn in annuity revenues.
Nice top line. But I could never figure out the bottom line on XGS. Maybe it would be cool to give XGS their own P&L?

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