Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nice article by Ms. Burns in Business Week

read the full column "Is the Green Movement a Passing Fancy" at BusinessWeek:
Smart Business for Everyone
So maybe we need to reset the way we think about environmental responsibility. At Xerox (XRX), my job is to meet the needs of our customers and our shareholders. The thing is, what I do at my job and how I do my part for the environment are not mutually exclusive. 'Green' is not a corporate function housed in a separate unit devoted to social responsibility; green solutions and sustainable strategies are smart business—for everyone. The greener we get, the more we can reduce costs and boost efficiency. The more we reduce costs, the more productive a business can become and the better we can weather the maladies of the global business market."
Go team!

Now, if we can fix the transition for our excessed employees and get SG&A down to 16+% and get the erasable paper to the market, we'll be in really great shape when the economy starts turning around.

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