Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adobe's Take on Ground > Cloud > Print

added 3:10 EST
Now if someone like Xerox could nurture PSP's into becoming Print Output Nodes for Adobe's organization of the Cloud for security minded enterprise, that would be cool.

Just collaborate with Adobe to do a joint sales presentation with your MPS people. Adobe gets access to Xerox's rich network of MSP services. Xerox gets access to customers that are considering Adobe Scene7. They can do some split on the income.

Adobe and Xerox can take resources out of marketing and put them into selling. The PSP's get a revenue stream. The customer gets a seamless experience that has an great ROT.

Or Adobe can make a deal with HP. But I'm thinking the cultures don't fit as well. Besides HP has a huge investment in IT, same thing with IBM. That's why Xerox is the natural fit.

Then we might have
Ricoh+IBM to do the data mining and enterprise level transpromo/info.
Xerox + Adobe + Wikipedia to do the mass market of readers. (That's Amazons book base)
HP + Staples/Tesco to do the mass market of mSB marketing
Kodak + Oce to do the newspaper and book and high transaction part.

Wherever they overlap they'll compete on Lifetime Production Cost, Speed of Installation and Business Development. Meanwhile the printernet can keep growing and everyone can focus resources on their strong suit and spin off the rest.

The Google translation version of

(March 24, 2009 - ds) Adobe today announced the launch of Adobe Scene7 template publication announced. The new service is an add-on module for the Adobe Scene7 platform, a hosted software environment for the production and publication of individual pressure and cross-media marketing materials offers.

The service is particularly suited for global companies in the retail, e-commerce and multi-channel marketing to ensure a uniform market presence and to ensure compliance with corporate design guidelines.

Companies can use the template solution for publishing companies of Adobe Scene7 layouts and templates to upload and decentralized or regional marketing teams the opportunity to individual communications and marketing materials to produce, inter alia, selective e-mail campaigns, office materials, stationery, business cards, banners, logos, calendars, data sheets, signs and cards.

The original in German below:
Der neue Dienst ist ein Add-on-Modul für die Adobe Scene7-Plattform, die eine gehostete Software-Umgebung für die Produktion und Veröffentlichung von individuellen Druck- und medienübergreifenden Marketing-Materialien bietet.

Der Service eignet sich insbesondere für global agierende Unternehmen aus den Bereichen Einzelhandel, E-Commerce und Multi-Channel-Marketing zur Sicherstellung eines einheitlichen Marktauftritts und zur Einhaltung von Corporate-Design Richtlinien.

Unternehmen können mit der Lösung für Vorlagenveröffentlichung von Adobe Scene7 Firmenlayouts und -vorlagen hochladen und dezentralisierten oder regionalen Marketing-Teams die Möglichkeit geben, individuelles Kommunikations- und Marketing-Material zu produzieren, ua selektive E-Mail-Kampagnen, Büromaterialien, Briefpapier, Visitenkarten, Banner, Logos, Kalender, Datenblätter, Beschilderung und Grußkarten.

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