Monday, March 23, 2009

Dr Joe Webb rewrites the Quincy Allen Vertis Press Release

Free advice to Dr Joe
Get into the PR writing business. I think you've really got a knack for it.

Free advice to Sitrev and Alan Quince
Consider replacing TextBooks with WikiNewspapers, (jump to the bottom of the post to see what I mean) while the newspapers are figuring out what to do next.

Read the original Vertis PR and the full post at

Below is Dr Joe's version.
We were impressed with Alan Quince from the first time we met him,” said Marge Bolan, a member of Sitrev’s board of directors. “Our company's financial challenges are well known. It became obvious that they were dominating our thinking in a way that prevented us from seeing beyond our problems of today. Something was lacking in our company. We realized that we needed an outside perspective, especially grounded in experiences that included new technologies like digital printing and new media, and an emphasis on why clients use them. Alan was at Zorex when they had their brush with bankruptcy and was part of the turnaround. We realized that our executives and staff could benefit from his experiences there, and to bring that knowledge, and new ideas, to our company.”

I was pleased to be selected by Sitrev,” said Quince. “This company has made it through difficult times including this bankruptcy. I would not be joining the company unless I felt that the effort to build a turnaround was possible, and would have significant rewards for everyone involved. We are in a recession where our clients are cutting back spending, and allocating more dollars to digital media. Debt obligations have limited Vertis' options in addressing these market needs, but we have done well where we can. It's easy to keep hunkering down and cutting costs, but that does not give us a financial future worth striving for, and it won't give our clients good reasons to work with us. We need to look forward to the what our clients will need three and four years from now and start building a company today that fills those needs in compelling ways that our competitors won't and that our clients have yet to consider. I'm looking forward to the challenge.”

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