Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who's driving MarketSplash? Is it HP or Staples?

In a facilitated user network commercial model, the links are catalysts for creating better customer experience at lower prices with easier transactions. Better customer experiences at lower price with easier transactions is the operational definition of creating value.

So, maybe a better way to look at HP/MarketSplash might be as HP/Staples/MarketSplash. i have a feeling that the best way to look at it is Staples/HP/MarketSplash. Staples bought Corporate Express a while ago. Now it's called, E-Procurement & Outsourcing Staples Print Solutions.

E-Procurement & Outsourcing Print (sort of =) BPO (sort of =) MPS (sort of =) Print Service Distributors (sort of =) Print Broker. All different names for the same network functionality. Aggregate customers link them to manufacturers and manage the logistics.

Trade printer (sort of=) CRD (sort of=) PSP (sort of =) Print Output Node in printernet jargon.
NowDocs expands its SaaS Print Solutions Set -
from Printing Industry News from WhatTheyThink: "'Cross-Wind enables us to easily distribute, via the Web, specifications for an order, allowing numerous suppliers to respond electronically with a pricing quote and delivery date. Our buyers can then instantly compare prices and select a supplier, ensuring a cost-effective and quick response to our valued customers.' Maggie Witt, Director, E-Procurement & Outsourcing Staples Print Solutions (formerly Corporate Express)"

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