Monday, March 23, 2009

Instead of giving money to X,Y or Z, consider supporting Saturday Art Classes for High School Students in NYC

I got this in an email from Steven Kennedy. I worked with Steve when I was at Parsons. He's an awesome teacher who gets amazing stuff from his students.

Here's the deal:

The Scholars Program is a scholarship program designed to allow talented New York City high school students to take classes at Parson's School of Design Pre-College Academy's Saturday Art Program. The cost is $3000 for three years which covers costs of tuition, art supplies, metro cards and lunches.

We currently are committed to providing this for four students over the next three years. I am making a personal commitment to raise enough money to add two more students to this program. Every dollar we raise goes directly to the students -- there are no overhead costs or fees.

Please consider donating between $10-$20 to this worthy cause by going to:

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