Wednesday, March 25, 2009

RE: Printernet: The part the PBS/mediashift editor took out

At PBS.mediashift, the topic at hand is the future of media. The audience is mostly writers, internet evangelists and journalists. The managing editor correctly edited out the following paragraphs. I think it was cut because of his sensitivity to his audience and the understanding that people over there don't really care what my plans are going forward.

Fair enough.

On the other hand, I thought it might be interesting to visitors here.
There are signs of printernet embryos everywhere, if you know where to look. My plan is to continue sharing instances of the printernet as I see them, including InfoPrint, DNN, MPS, Xerox Premier Partners, MarketSplash, AlphaGraphics,
PediaPress, PBwiki and whatever else I stumble upon.

My thought model includes ESS game strategy, systems thinking within a framework I've been calling Communication Ecology.

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