Monday, March 23, 2009

Google doesn't give profit guidance. Why should anyone else?

"Guidance", read best guesses, just makes it easier for "analysts" to do their job. Then Wall Street has an easy to understand "No Child Left Behind - metric." Did you beat expectations or not beat expectations? Warren Buffet is reported to have said that step one is to ignore the business press. It's been working pretty well for me, so far. But then I'm not a betting man.
Xerox Slashes First-Quarter Profit Forecast - Companies * US * News * Story -
"Xerox, the world's top supplier of digital printer and document management services, warned first-quarter earnings will fall far short of its earlier forecast as a slowdown in technology spending undercuts revenue."
If you have to cut costs why not spin off businesses that don't make money. Then maniacally focus on those businesses that do. And get out of the software for busyness business. Release the API's, resell the Cloud, and help the installed base produce more clicks. When it hits the fan, no time or focus to waste.

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