Saturday, March 28, 2009

Does InfoPrint have PSPs?

This is not a rhetorical question. I haven't seen any stories about how XYY company did the clicks for either the first or second transpromo experiments. I might have missed them. But in case I haven't, does the following make sense?

added 10:23 EST
It turns out that I got this wrong. The answer is yes, Infoprint does have PSPs. But I have to say with all those innovations centers doing the experimental work, it sounds like they may get into a HP/MarketSplash kerfuffle. If the proven innovations are then spun out to InfoPrint 5000 installations, it could work together nicely. If not . . .

In an facilitated user network commercial model, the PSP is the Vendor's partner, not the vendor's customer. Customers are the people that bring new money to the table. Selling boxes is not a profit center. It's an investment in infrastructure - like laying the tracks or fiber optic cables. When the trains start running or the TV gets turned on, the investment can start to pay off.

Printers print. For Ricoh/IBM, my take is that Ricoh makes money with toner. IBM makes money by selling Cloud computing.

Free advice to Oce
Keep a very close eye on this.

Free advice to HP
Tell Wall Street your strategy for defending the computer business from Cloud computing?

Free advice to everyone else
Money invested in evangelizing transpromo is building a market you are not going to own. Lots of players lots of competition.

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