Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why the media is hosed and the opportunity for Printernet Publishing

Why is the media is hosed?
Check out President Obama's Global Town Hall. The tag line for Rachel Madow's show tonight is something like "Is President Obama going around the media?" The short answer is yes. If you look around you'll see evidence of the disintermediation of the media all around you.

The opportunity for Printernet Publishing.
People want the stories that are interesting to them. They don't want to spend the time to find those stories themselves. They want publishers to find, craft those stories and make accessible in a form that works. Given the low cost of publishing any one can be a publisher on the web. But they need a printernet to publish in the real world.

if President Obama had the ability to do versioned newspapers or print product that could speak to different communities in their natural language focused on the issues that concern their communities.

if Corporate Communications departments could produce Print product to talk to their institutional investors directly, without the need to negotiate and manage the busyness press.

if politicians on the ground could communicate directly with their constituents.

Then imagine
if PSP's on the ground were Print Output Nodes that printed and delivered Printernet product in the service of keeping their companies top of mind for suspects, prospects, customers and clients.

The mantra is that new value is created by the network. But this is more than any empty business phrase. It is literally true. No one vendor, no one PSP can create the information experience that was never before available in the history of the world. But the silos, both in corporations and between corporations have to be bridged.

Can't we all just get along?

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