Friday, March 27, 2009

To find out where America's culture is going, read the Time Magazine cover story

Just saw Kurt Anderson on MSNBC. He said something about the American Character, by which he really means the culture, is divided between the "Ben Franklin strand" and some other strand that I missed. As a printer, I've always been a Ben Franklin wanna be. Mostly it was a goal rather than an accurate description.

Here's the link to the Time Magazine Cover Story. The End of Excess: Is This Good for America?

Wouldn't it be cool if someone could talk to someone at Time, Inc. to get the rights to re publish this story on someone's printernet.

Xerox? Oce? HP? The Ace Group? Consolidated? A Xerox Premier Partner? AlphaGraphics? Fedex Kinko? Staples? . . . or will it be a three person start up in Australia, New Zealand, Mumbai, or Bejing.

It would be a nice thing for the PSPs to send to their suspects, prospects, customers and clients to get more work in the door. Much better than throwing away more money on "educating the customer or educating the PSP about how to make money from VDP or about programs that if they had the focus to implement, they've already implemented them.

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