Thursday, March 26, 2009

"HP is Back stabbing to 1000's of HP indigo owners..." Not necessarily

As the printernet evolves, older ways of doing business have to change to more appropriate ways of doing business. A recent post about MarketSplash, Vista Print, SMB and mSB, got this response from anon:
HP is Back stabbing to 1000's of HP indigo owners, by offering online printing. HP is selling equipment to small print shop and the same time selling to end users,
Then I said,
Sorry, I don't see it that way. In the context of the printernet, the networks create the value. The problem for HP indigo owners for these kinds of projects is Staples, Fedex not HP.

For HP/MarketSplash the competition is not their PSP, it's Vista Print.

Meanwhile, if I read the MarketSplash website correctly there is a big spread between "deliver through the mail" and "pick up. That makes alot of sense to me. It means MarketSplash is charging a premium for time and security. It also means there is room to comp PSP's the same way as they are comping Staples and Tesco.

If they put that comp for PSP's in place, it only means headache jobs go away, expensive front end blabla with non professionals is taken away.

Meanwhile, the PSP gets some money for printing an easy job with predictable results, and the contact with a potential new customer.

If HP does not see that they have the opportunity to build a strong network, instead of getting work, they'll blow it. IMHO.

Time will tell.


  1. What's next, HP opening up print shops? How is selling from the web different than selling from a brick and mortar store?

  2. If you consider their reported deal with Staples and what they are doing with Tesco in the UK, they don't have to open up brick and mortar. They are partnering with some of the most powerful brick and mortars on the planet. So from where I sit, it's not a "what's next" situation. It's what's now.

    If they could incorporate the brick and mortars of their PSPs, it seems to me that everyone could play nicely in a group. If they don't, I would keep buying machines and clicks if the boxes make sense.

    But I would look for another player to partner with. Ricoh/IBM? Xerox? Canon? Wal-Mart?

  3. sorry, I left out what I think is the best fit of all Costco. They are already selling to small and microbusiness. Sell enough Staples kind of stuff to be the real competition for them.

    If the numbers were right, I can't see why they won't do a deal. Plus they seem to have an awesome culture.