Monday, June 8, 2009

Go Xerox! . . .But, while the "past 15 months" is great for corporate time .. .

I love "I tell people I bought a relationship," he said. See snippet below. Buying relationships have sustainable reasonable margins and get all the incentives nicely in place. Very nice!

But, clickable print and printernet publishing could get business in the door in a month. That's real time, not corporate time. Plus you don't have to spend all the time, energy and focus on "educating" printers and running webinars. You can focus on developing new products for Printers to print and make it very easy for them to find out how to manufacture those products.

Printers, like high school kids are autodidacts. As soon as they need it, they teach themselves anything they have to learn, Three designers over a period of two weeks asking for clickable print, will have the printers educating themselves, overnight. If it makes sense to them, they will call the Xerox sales reps so they can also "buy a relationship." The particular box they need will change as it makes sense for them.

Besides, given the last 15 months, who knows what the world will look like 15 months from now?

What happens when Apple or Lenovo or LG or Samsung delivers big smart phones that are called tablet computers? Or Ricoh, et al builds community based or school district based printernets? Or HP, Oce and Screen are delivering versioned newspapers? Or Amazon releases Kindle 4.0 and K -12 textbooks have been replaced by ereaders + Clickable Print + Flat Sreen TV + tablet computers? Or . . .
Xerox Business Development Programs Offer Print Providers Ways to Drive Profits
from WhatTheyThink: "During a recent 15-month period, Xerox iGen3� Digital Production Press customers who used Xerox Business Development Services saw their print volumes grow by 12 to 35 percent compared to 0 to 4 percent growth for those who didn’t. Jonathan Waters, owner, A-1 Printing Plus, is among those who have worked closely with Xerox to develop his business. “I tell people I bought a relationship,” he said."

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