Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wow! What a week and it's only Wednesday. Yesterday textbooks are done. Friday comes digital TV.

TV is the real mass media. Even Print, the runner up, pales in comparison to TV. This Friday America goes 100% digital TV. See snippet below. The elimination of textbooks in K -12 education is only the first step to the delivery of just the right TV at the just the right moment to just the right classroom's flat screen TV.

The next opportunity for print is a Clickable Print TV guide printed in the classroom or the workgroup or the CRD as appropriate.

The teacher chooses the right show. "Clicks" on the bar code with a scanner pen or a PC camera, and voila, the right program appears.

No time fumbling with keyboards as she loses the attention of the class. No blablabla about new technology that doesn't work when it's supposed to. No complaints about IT that doesn't blablabla.

If it's a 2D code with embedded information, it will also emit data that can be harvested to produce a record of who watched what in which classroom when. All without an AP walking around poking their nose in other people's business.

Go Print!
MediaPost Publications Digital Transition Will Remake TV Experience For Diverse Group Of Viewers 06/10/2009:
Often we only recognize important moments in retrospect -- but we already know that this Friday will be a watershed day in media. . . .
Thanks to the transition to digital TV, new technologies and channels are coming into a variety of homes -- including lower-income and ethnic ones. Something tells me we will be tracking the effects of this new TV world for many years to come."

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