Monday, June 8, 2009

Mayor Mike Will Love Clickable Postcards. Somebody really should call the campaign.

The Front of the Postcard:

Mike Bloomberg for NYC
The Back of the Postcard:

Mayor Mike Bloomberg receives an endorsement from the Local 1500 Chapter of the United Food & Commercial Workers Union for re-election at the Pathmark Supermarket at 125th Street and Lexington ...

Then the TinyUrl and/or QR code that goes to this video.

And . . . if the TinyUrl is a pURL in disguise, imagine how much information Mayor Mike would get.

Instead of spending millions for millions of brochures send through the USPS, he could give out gezillions of clickable postcards. And get some useful real time information, by coding the area info in the pURL. And develop some predictive metrics on which local offices are doing the job and which are not so much do the job.

Everyone should know there is nothing Mayor Mike likes more than predictive analytics.

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