Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oops! The last time Unions struck newspapers we got cold type. This time versioned newspapers?

Oce, HP, Screen and/or Alpha Graphics should follow this up.

Unlike the auto companies, the NYT has never been good at talking to unions. So it looks like the brinksmanship is going to blow up in their face. If they close the Globe there are hundreds of competitors just waiting for the smoke to clear.

My bet is that they will move in with versioned newspapers linked to community journalism and/or independent blogs. And the Christian Science Monitor could do versioned clickable print 24 pager for the international piece. With lots and lots of ads for books, movies and TV.
Boston Globe union rejects cuts, Times to slash pay
@ Reuters:
"NEW YORK (Reuters) - The Boston Globe's largest union narrowly rejected concessions on Monday that owner New York Times Co said would save $10 million, raising the possibility of the 137-year-old daily newspaper's demise.

Members of the Boston Newspaper Guild voted 277-265 against accepting the concessions, which include an 8.4 percent pay cut, one-week unpaid furloughs and other cuts."

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