Tuesday, June 9, 2009

DP: Still one more physical to web connection. Vizitag!

Someone really should get in touch with Microsoft.

Anyway, the opportunity for print is that we manufacture the best information artifacts in the physical world : postcards, posters, signs. Do you know anyone who doesn't like postcards, posters and signs? Newsletters, magazines and books are a somewhat smaller audience, but once Clickable Print connects them to the Cloud, I'm thinking they will fit in very nicely.
"World First: Vizitag as MS Tag or QR Code!
A few people have twittered about whether Vizitag is some sort of Microsoft affiliate/pawn. But nothing could be further from the truth. Altho' we love Microsoft Tags - they're colourful and fast to resolve - we are tag agnostic. Vizitag is all about managing tag content not about which tag format you have to use to get it."
From Visitag How It Works

Vizitag manages the connection between your audience and your content.

Vizitag is a tag management application that lets you manage the information
and services linked to your tag and track the performance of your tags.

What you do:

  • define the information and services your tag links to
  • download your tags to your local PC
  • deploy your tags wherever you want

After you have deployed your tags there's no need to download the tag and re-deploy
it if you change the content linked to the tag.

Click here to try it with 3 different types of Vizitag.

Define your tags

Use myVizitag to create and manage up to six free Vizitags.

Download your tag

Download your Vizitag images from your My Tags page to your local PC.

Deploy your tag

Paste your Vizitag image wherever you want to - in print, online, anywhere...

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